Copán Ruinas Visitor Information FAQ

People who arrive to stay at our hotel often ask the same series of questions about the archaeological ruins of Copan, so we decided to dedicate a page to help fill the void left by the lack of much official information on the Internet.

The ruins of Copan is a unique site among those left by the Maya. It isn’t particularly huge like Tikal. It is most noted for the proliferation of art and hieroglyphs left behind by Mayan artisans. I have heard it called the Paris of the Mayan empire.

How much does it cost to visit the Copán Ruinas archaeological site?
Basic entry into the park will cost $15 to visit for the day. If you want to visit the on-site museum you will pay another $7. If you want to see the archaeological tunnels you will pay an additional $15. Hiring an English or Spanish speaking guide is optional and is a negotiated price somewhere in the vicinity of $25. You can share the price of the guide with a group.
Is it worth the money to visit the museum?
The short answer: yes. Many of the original artifacts were removed from the park and placed in the museum for protection. Often they are replaced by well done replicas where the originals once stood, but there is also some sculpture found only in the museum. You will also get to see a life sized reproduction of a very old Mayan temple buried underground that cannot otherwise be seen.
Is it worth the money to visit the archaeological tunnels?
Unless you are an archaeologist, or are very interested in the subject, or perhaps want to leave no stone unturned, the general consensus seems to be that the tunnels are not worth the extra money.
Is there information for me if I don’t hire a guide?
Yes. Most of the major attractions in both the Copán Ruinas archaeological park and the museum have informational signs in both English and Spanish.
How do I get to the Ruins?
The site of the ruins is only about 1 mile (1.6 KM) roughly East from the front door of our hotel (Hotel Don Moises) which is pretty centrally located in the historic city center of Copán Ruinas. You can walk in about 20 minutes, or you can take a moto-taxi for L.20 or $1 per person.